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Give reason why you don't like this person. Give the nick name. Give reason for ths name. There's this idiot in my class that keeps bugging the crap out of me at school he won't leave me alone. nickname: Leprecon he's got this wierd beared that is short and goes from his side burns to his chin and he's got. Don't hold back. Find answers to the question, Help Me Out. What Are Some Really Ugly, Mean Names To Call People [who Have Ticked You Off]? from people sorry i meant to say call them a little dicked **** tat works on the corner and is only worth 50cents thats if its a guy if its a girl say you smell like a japenese fish. 22 Jul Don't you fall in love with your buddy, when he/she calls you with a cute or funny nickname? Guys and girls love a nickname as it makes the person feel beloved and confident. To be honest, it also makes you feel 'considered' as long as the nickname is pretty cool. If you find your friend has got a hunky.

And you learn about these people in a variety of ways—school, parents, books, articles, movies, etc. Throughout your life, you fill in more and more of the gaps, but no matter who you are, you have some embarrassing gaps somewhere.

Depending on the day, you might enjoy an upside down blueberry pie or a chocolate pecan pie, served with bourbon vanilla ice cream. Some time hit the waitbutwhy. Have a slice of coconut cream or chocolate chess pie while you enjoy good conversation and a friendly vibe. Now that, is a fact.

I can sum it up like this:. Beware the Danger Zone.

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Zone 1 is by far the most dangerous, and as you get older, there are fewer and fewer big names there I was 18 during the Kissinger Catastrophe—year-olds tend to How To Exact Revenge On An Ex a lot of big names in Zone 1.

But most people reach full adulthood with a still-crowded Zone 2, and names that are referenced all the time should ideally not be in Zone 2. I got to this list by surveying friends and readers about which huge names they were ashamed to know very little about, and these are some names that came up again and again. When Alexander see more 20, his father, King Philip II of the ancient kingdom of Macedon, was assassinated by one of his bodyguards.

Philip II had had military ambitions to expand his kingdom into Persia, and Alexander inherited an army ready for battle. He was just a dude in his 20s and in his brief year stint, he did this:. This was the largest empire in Ancient Greek history, and though things declined soon after his death, his conquests allowed Greek culture to spread far and wide and launched the Hellenistic Period of Ancient Greek Civilization, whose influence carried as far as the Byzantine Empire almost 2, years later.

Marco Polo was 15 when he first met his father and uncle, who were traveling merchants returning to Venice from a long voyage. They wasted no time planning their next one, this time taking year-old Marco with them.

The voyage lasted an epic 24 yearsand went like this:. He returned to Venice from his year voyage in his early 40s and lived the rest of his life there as a wealthy merchant.

Charismatic, polarizing, ruthless Marxist revolutionary, enduring symbol of rebellion and counterculture. But who was he? He was an energetic dude and spent a Nicknames For People You Don T Like of time in foreign countries trying to incite revolution, until he botched it and was captured by the CIA-assisted Bolivian military and executed at the age of Nice, possibly dickish nun who dedicated herself to helping the poor.

She won the Nobel Peace Prize inand tends to be a symbol of all things good today. He came up from modest means and actually got a pretty late start. When he visited Spain at the age of 32, he saw a statue of Alexander the Great and it put him in a bad mood because he felt that he had accomplished very little typical GYPSY. And he was just getting started as a priest before a war of rivals in his hometown ended the wrong way and forced him out of that title—so he turned toward the military instead.

He rose steadily, both in military rank and political influence, until he eventually overpowered the weak senate, overthrew the Roman Republic, and was declared dictator.

He was a good leader, beloved by most of the people and made sweeping changes to the constitution, laws, and government structure that laid the groundwork for the Roman Empire, which would flourish for almost years after his assassination.

Ok, great post,but how Nicknames For People You Don T Like the hell do you not know about Alexander the Great of Macedonia?

I know its understandable to have heard of the bloke, everyone has, but to not know more than the basics is unacceptable! Greetings from down under.

Got it down now. Dodged a bullet there! Before the flame war begins with the Macedonians and the Greeks about Alexander, I should also mention that Mother Teresa was born to Albanian parents in Skopje, Macedonia.

Mr Author Tim do you have an obsession with these fine people?

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If Greece was such a strong empire, how can Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia and Macedonia speak Slovak languages that are totally different from Greek? The Slavs took over the area during the 6th century CE. He won the Nobel Peace Prize. Are those facts not correct or something? Saying that Kissinger helped end the war in Vietnam is like saying the Hijackers helped land a few flights. There have been many inexplicable winners of the Nobel Peace prize, both before Kissinger and after, culminating in the selection of Obama.

Haha nothing has gotten me in more trouble with readers than the presidents situation. I wish I had been clearer about it in the post—my plan all along was to spread the three parts out with a few months in between each.

I'm sure he will amaze you a lot. Some interesting facts about him: He was the one who inspirated Gandhi with non-violence 2.

Nicknames For People You Don T Like

He learned Hebrew and translated New Testament 3. He gave up all his posessions 4. He left the longest diary. I was thinking the same thing.

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Where the hell are the new president posts?! Che Guevara was rad? I appreciate you telling us more we should know, but the people that Nicknames For People You Don T Like that man have practically zero understanding of him. Your one line of deprecation about his murderous ways hardly does his maniacal nature justice. Totally came here to say this.

And despite being a symbol of counter-culture in the West, he was brutally anti-counter culture in Cuba by way of censorship, book-burning, and ideological controls. He goes pretty easy on the ghoul of calcutta, nobody cares about that. I know its all for fun…. Joking about him is about like making light of Hitler. So…are all the thousands of people who wear Che shirts doing the equivalent of wearing a swaztika on their shirt??

Would it matter to you if someone sporting a swastika on their t-shirt had no notion of hits modern historical context?

They compared Alexander the Great to Hitler! My friend loves to use "douchecanoe. Mac noun spoken used in some parts of the U. He rose here, both in military rank and political influence, until he eventually overpowered the weak senate, overthrew the Roman Republic, and was declared dictator. How do you react to people who call you ugly and funny names?

Making light of the incredible ruthless criminality of Henry Kissinger was the real offense here. Essentially, Gandhi was a luddite and Hindu nationalist, whose refusal to deal with the massive Muslim minority in India lead to the break offs of Pakistan and Bangladesh. Also, his demands postponed Indian independence for at least a decade.

Therefore he supported it. Yeah, Gandhi was amazing, but he was also a wacky dude. Nicknames For People You Don T Like rhetoric at its best! You son of a bitch. You have a way of writing about history that makes it fascinating, and I usually am bored out of my mind by history. Looking forward to future volumes! Dude, there are A LOT of misconceptions or things that are just plain wrong in this post specially in the Galileo text.

But there was this one phrase that for me was the worst, here it goes: You can only imagine what it was like to be a scientist in the far more repressive Middle Ages and how much potential scientific advancement was stifled.

If you do more of these I have a few suggestions for future people. He got started late in life but showed his tactical brilliance.

Most people think of him as a Vicious Warlord, but he showed far more concern for his people than Caesar or Alexander did Nicknames For People You Don T Like theirs. I would also point out that for the sake of brevity, you did mess up the Galileo piece. With this idea, geocentrists could predict with relative accuracy the motion of the planets, while heliocentrists could not.

Later work refined the Heliocentric Theory into what it is now and they turned out to be correct, but that was more years later. As with all theories, sometimes the old and well developed theory can be wrong but still present a better case than a newer and ultimately correct theory.

Right on, Curse of Tecumseh! To paint the church in such a positive light is just apologist. I would like to reinforce that: On the other hand, from a symbolic point of view, the heliocentric model made more sense for the members of the church.

The sun, in traditional and in catholic symbolism, has always represented God, and the earth represented man. A lot of good information but then is thrown away when personal beliefs are thrown in. Entertaining to say the least. Wow, WBW, getting some criticism here. I love everything you write, and the way you write it. And I knew almost nothing about Mr. Keep it up Tim!!! To learn More about these people and many others check out http: I need to stop reading the comments after I read your posts.

They just piss me off. The self-righteous, know-it-all attitude of some of your readers makes me want to scream. And who the fuck wants to read about that? People seem to offer their criticism, not to give an honest correction, but to prove how learned they are. Read more congrats; The internet marvels at how pedantic you all are.

Nicknames For People You Don T Like

And in the case of this post, it misses the point entirely. There is always the exotic notion of researching before writing a bunch of nonsense that makes the writer look like an source fool. But that would be work.

Outs of the 10 people you chose, you only wrote about 2 women.