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One Direction imagines: - #imagine Liam wants a divorce. - Wattpad

Harry: He sat across from you at the final installment to finalize your divorce after two years of being married. You would rather be anywhere else that here doing this. Harry came home one day and just handed you the papers like it was the daily newspaper. "I really hope you're happy, you ass." You told him from across the. 7 Jun Damien was with his Daddy. He'd woken Harry up from his sleep and crawled into his lap. ''Please don't leave, Daddy.'' Harry looked down at his son, who looked so much like you. ''I'm sorry, Damien, but Daddy has to go.'' It was torturous to put Lily and Damien through this. Divorce. ''Why? Why can't you. You and Harry just recently finalized your divorce, it wasn't a mutual thing mostly because he cheated on you but at least you had Darcy. This has been the first time in months, that you've seen Harry. You picked Darcy up since she was starting to fuss. "How was she last night? and I don't mean Kendall." +. Harry rolled his.

D so you all can tell what the book is so i shouldn't have to tell you and leave a request for anything.

One Direction

If I find another beer can on the floor, I will explode! I just can't deal with anymore. I won't be here. I want a divorce. After dating for four years, and now were going on six years of marriage, I can't deal with it. Ten years together, and half of those you were drunk. You have noticed that you both have been distant from each other, but you blamed it all on stress.

We just aren't as in love as we were when we got married. You are speechless or a few moments, but finally find your words, "What?

One direction preferences - One of you wants a divorce - Wattpad

Lou, I am still as in love with you right now, in this very moment as the moment we were married. You immediately burst out into silent sobs, and fall to the ground.

It's not good for either of us. I'm snuggled next to what I thought was the man of my dreams, the love of my life. I look to my left, the clock reads 5: You were sitting on the ground playing with your daughter Lea who was almost 3. I pour some poison in a glass and raise it.

He has been on tour for five months, and you and your seven month old baby have just picked him up for the airport. Don't you dare lie to me. I've forgiven you since then, but don't betray the trust you just regained. Two fucking weeks, Harry! Did you know that, Darcy has a bilateral ear infection?

#imagine Liam wants a divorce.

Did you know that? I didn't know that. Stop the fucking car! You throw your wedding band into his lap. I love being a Jew. I feel that it is the truth. I love you so much, I love you more than life, but if you go through with this, then we can't be married anymore.

We need to be You stumble into your bathroom, and let your tears, flow. Is this really worth it. You love him so much, and you know that he loves you enough to let you make your own decisions, but is this one the right one?

Now you wish he would make your decisions. You have been married for seven years now, and you are at a routine date night, when you break the news to him. Why are you doing this? We are in love. At least I love you.

One Direction Preferences He Wants A Divorce

I love you so much. Where did this come from?

I was never home always out cheating on my wife. I'm leaving today evening. I pray for myself.

You place your beautiful, diamond wedding ring on top of the papers, and get up and walk out. Once you are of the the restaurant, you lean against the wall, and explode into tears. You pull a second envelope out of your purse. You read through the words again. Stage two breast cancer.

You just hope you had made the right one. Thirty is too young to die, but dying alone is going to be even harder. Log in Sign Up. One direction preferences by savannahlovespandas One direction preferences Table of contents.

One Direction Preferences He Wants A Divorce

D so you all can tell what the book is so i shouldn't have to tell you and leave a request for anything direction horan liam louis malik niall one payne styles tomlinson zayn. Cast Niall Horan as himself. Read this story for FREE!