Playing Hard To Get Or Just Not Interested. Hookup Affair!

Not To Just Playing Get Or Interested Hard

Is He Playing Hard to Get or Just Not Interested

She's Not Playing Hard to Get. She's Not Interested.

The fine line between playing hard to get and just downright uninterested playing hard to get is when the other party is actually interested but try to play cool so they don't seem/appear too clingy or One surefire way to tell if they're just genuinely not into you is if they play the game of ignorance instead. 23 Nov These days the game of playing hard to get is becoming more popular. They want you to work for it, give you that challenge and show you they are not that easy or available. Sometimes you may get stood up on a date, cancelled on, receive slow text message responses or no response at all. We have all. 2 Jan If she talks to you for hours, then she DEFINETLY doesn't hate you and she's not playing hard to get. I know a ton of girls who clam up in person but can talk you ear off through text. She likes you, but don't wait too long to ask her out or show her real interest (beyond a friend) or she may just think that you.

How To Tell If A Girl Is Playing Hard To Get (Or Just Not Interested)

Messages You have no messages. Notifications You have no notifications. So to get this short and "sweet" i met this girl. She goes to my local gym. I got her snapchat from her. Fast forward a month later.

So we go out and as i'm single I kissed another girl not knowing she saw, after this I had the talk where it went like this "so you kissed that girl, now i cant kiss you because of that" I tried my best and all I got was a kiss on the cheek. Touching your arm, licking her lips or grooming herself are all automatic things that a girl will do when she likes you. When you are talking to her and she's looking away or pretending to not pay attention and you say " I have to go":

I started talking to her. I ask her to dinner through snapchat but she didn't give me a yes or no answer. When we see each you can feel the attraction in the air.

Be firm in your values, true to yourself and free from outcome. I can't say this is my favorite or most accurate article you guys have written. No girl wants to have someone else steal her crush away.

We talk since then. It haven't been awkward or anything like that but i just don't know. Edited on April 27, at Delete Report Edit Lock Reported. Respond Your response must be between 3 and characters.

Playing Hard to Get or Just Not Interested. How Can You Tell

IanLang Send a private message. I'd probably try asking her out in person before you make any further assessments. Snapchat is a pretty lousy communication medium. Delete Report Edit Reported Reply. Zombie Send a private message. You feel the attraction in the air.

Playing Hard To Get Or Just Not Interested

If you want a relationship I wouldn't waste any more time and energy on her unless you want another friend and you think that she might introduce you to her single friends. A good rule of thumb is that anything other than a yes or an offer to reschedule is a no.

It'll save you a lot of trouble in the long run. Social media in general is very impersonal I made that mistake before and learned from that. Your best shot is to ask her in person. I wouldn't necessarily throw in the towel yet, but asking a girl out through snapchat takes zero effort and shows lack of initiative.

Playing Hard To Get Or Just Not Interested

I wouldn't consider SC a dating website in which case it's still a weak move to ask out a girl on a date The less personal, the smaller the probability of success gets. Kingslayer Send a private message. I'd move on from that reply alone unless you are just trying to smash, in which case, asking to dinner is the wrong move.

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Her reply tells you that she isn't interested in dinner. She could be interested in the D, though. Get flirty with her and see where it goes.

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