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Pirates Of The Blue Kingdoms [Stephen D. Sullivan, Jean Rabe, Robert E. Vardeman, Lorelei Shannon, Marc Tassin, Kathleen Watness, James M. Ward, Paul Genesse, Brandie Tarvin, Dean Leggett, Jason Mical, Kelly Swails] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Sail enchanted seas and cross swords. 2 Oct For books in German Literature, Cultural Studies, Film Studies, Art and. Architecture: Professor Maria .. Fe Depot in downtown San Di- ego is served by Amtrak, the Coaster commuter train, the San Diego Trolley, .. rector of the Robert Penn Warren Center for the Humanities and the Max. Kade Center for. He and his son, Brendon Gideon, pulled Brendon's in-laws, Rob and Dave Frost, into their scheme. Gideon owns . After a good and bounteous supper, the roller coaster, merry-go-round and dancing, besides several contests, afforded plenty of amusement and all had a lovely time. . Aug, 7, on the circus posters. As per.

David McClain was the founder of the Huddle Restaurant and was owner and operator untilwhen he sold it to his daughter Kay and her former husband, Jim. Info as per David McClain's obituary. The iconic Lima landmark closed for good in after more than 62 years in business. Then owner Jim Wende, who operated the business for 27 years, tried unsuccessfully to sell or rent the building.

Here's the truck parked by the building. They were getting ready to take the sign down. Too bad it was a cold day, or I'd have hung around to get some action shots. Apparently the property was transferred back to the bank on May 9, Huddle Restaurant and Sheriff Samuel A. Here it is without the Robert Rabe Art Prints Of Cincinnati Scenes Coasters I confess I never dined there, but I have always enjoyed the sign, and I have a couple of neat old restaurant-ware dinner plates in my Lima memorabilia collection.

Here's a couple vintage matchbook covers: The Lima 'Huddle' location is not listed. Read more about the western Huddle restaurant chain here. However, I found see more comment on a site discussing old Lima businessesthat says: Here are my plates: So when he heard the former restaurant was on the verge of being torn down, he did what any other slightly obsessive man with access to cash and a boom crane would do.

Robert Rabe Art Prints Of Cincinnati Scenes Coasters

He went and got it. The Huddle closed its doors in after more than 62 years in business. The sign itself has been up since at least the s. Patel was unavailable for comment on his plans for the property. Continue reading said he was told the new owners planned to tear the building down. He contacted the real estate agent selling the property and made an offer on the sign.

Gideon owns Lima Equipment Co. Between them, they had the equipment and know-how to remove the sign. Even with the right equipment, the job was no easy one. It took the four men about three hours to move the foot-byfoot sign.

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The crew moved the sign into a warehouse for storage. We just wanted to make sure it was preserved. But it will be a long time before whatever goes up will evoke the nostalgia that the Huddle does. Dow Antiques Blog 'Tique Talk is published by msdowantiques. It's just some of my Lima Ohio bottles.

But only ones that are embossed with the word Lima. And excluding medicines and milks. So it is a group of Beers, Booze, and Sodas, with a fruit jar tossed in. This is just a group photo post. Eventually I will do posts on the individual bottles and breweries, with history and ephemera.

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The bottles Robert Rabe Art Prints Of Cincinnati Scenes Coasters all embossed. Various Lima Brewing Co. Christen bottle sizes, styles, and embossings.

Relatively common ''available'' bottles, so no harm. I like them better this color. Here's an artsy shot -- not from my display: And here's a couple of rare paper labelled Lima whiskeys: They put out a wonderful line of books about local history, illustrated with vintage postcards. Click the photos to enlarge. A little Hover Park history: Fun at Hover Park: The amusement park opened in and maintained a roller coaster, dancing pavilion, roller rink, lake for boating, auditorium and concessions.

And at the turn of the century, area residents flocked to that summertime oasis for the recreational time of their life. The park was actually a spot in Lima's south side that had originally been owned by the Hover family.

A portion of the garden-spot included a lake, surrounded by tall trees and beautiful grounds. Bythe family had decided to open it up to the community. A just click for source in the August newspaper described the park as "situated within a mile of the center of the city and contains about 20 acres, of which five or more is taken up by a winding lake, ranging from five to 10 feet in depth, its basin speckled by pretty islands and its shores gently sloping to the water's edge.

There are tons of antique bottles -- milks, whiskeys, beers, soda pop, medicines, and food products. But also tobacciana, vintage postcards and photos, tins, trays, signs, and other advertising items, all from Lima's historic companies. I've also done a fair amount of research on some of the persons and companies that made or distributed these items.

And thanks to the internet, there's more info available all the time. Some of the posts will be short stubs, with maybe just a photo or two. Others will be ''meatier'', filled with lots of info.

Robert Rabe Art Prints Of Cincinnati Scenes Coasters

It's going to take a very long time to photograph and write about everything I have. Advice to other collectors: There will also be posts about Lima businesses that I do not own items from, but find interesting. So that means this is not a sales catalog. I'm calling this my ''virtual museum''. As you can see by the above photos, which represent a small portion of my collection, there's a lot of variety in the items to be featured.

I hope you will enjoy seeing them, and reading a little history too.

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I will still be writing about other non-Lima antiques, too. But I do have a lot of Lima memorabilia to document. Subscribe to my newsletter to get a monthly email with the newest posts.

Here's a Pandora's Puzzle Box of a photograph. Researching it turned up all kinds of information, but never completed the puzzle I set out to solve. What we see is the A. Gladwell Bicycle shop, with above the door, and R.

They are very proud of their local citizen's claim to fame and his home. It was then remarked by an old gentleman present, that in all probability that would be the last time they would ever meet as a family. Of course they could have still been successful, but I just didn't find any other info online -- yet.

Beechman on the awning. So I set out to find more about Mr. Gladwell, and why the name Beechman was on his awning but not his painted window sign. Here's an ad in the Lima Daily News that says R.

That's it for Mr. I couldn't find anything else on him online. I found Andrew J. Gladwell 's obituary in the Lima News, link Born July 27in Virginia, Mr.

He continued in the fruit-raising business for some three years, and then became interested in Kansas live-stock. Of course they could have still been successful, but I just didn't find any other info online -- yet. Dull, and there really was a Dull family in Ohio.

Gladwell came to Lima in He engaged in the bicycle business here for a number of years and later entered an automobile repair and paint business. A J Gladwell's obituary mentions he retired aboutbut I didn't find any other mentions of him online in later years. One other tidbit I did find was in the Dec.

Next I found Lima News archive link mentions of: They each offered a three-speed transmission of conventional design. The best Thor could do was a new designed cast iron two speed that mounted aside the rear hub. By the Thor Motorcycle Company was fading into obscurity. In the board of directors announced a halt to motorcycle production. Of course they could have still been successful, but I just didn't find any other info online -- yet.

And the fellows below, the Kulp Bros. Look at the rider, 2nd from the left. He's wearing a THOR logo on his shirt. Wonder if it's Gladwell?

Ralph Marshall worked for Gladwell and Crossley before going into the bicycle and sporting goods business. He also put on motorcycle races.