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15 Signs He Cares More Than You Think

1. He steals a glance at you when you’re not looking.

14 Mar Sure, when you're friends with someone they have interest in you. They care about how you are and what's going on in your life. But when a guy likes you as more than just a friend he will start showing a lot more interest in you than he did before. You will notice the change in him (if you're paying attention. Here you can find the most important signs to know about that will tell you if he is into you or if he is just not interested in you. 31 Jul Do you have a crush on a guy and wonder if he wants to be more than friends? Here are He doesn't care if he's the only one laughing because he wants you to know he is there for you. If a man wants to be more than just friends with you, he's certainly not going to be okay if you are seeing other guys.

Because he fears rejection and also values friendship way more to risk it. But he might have been dropping hints of all kinds to notice them and make a move. A perfect way to tell if he is attracted to you or not is to notice how much he dotes on you. This is a so obvious sign that he wants to pursue you.

Signs He Cares About You More Than A Friend

If you ever notice, you would see that he never eyes any other girls. There may be hundred people in the room but what you say is the only thing that matters to him. He never leaves your side and stays put right next to you even when his gang is there then he likes you more than a friend.

If a guy likes you, he would do all possible things to stay as close you as he can.

But there are some guys who are shy, but nonetheless, even they will muster up the courage to make plans to go out with you just to spend some time. Most of the times guys do not care to remember the things we girls babble out. But if he listens to each and everything you say and remembers all those tiny details then he likes you.

But if he doesn't return your calls or tries to cut you off as soon as possible, he may not want to pursue a serious relationship with you. Remind yourself what a great friend he is and how lucky you are to have him. They want to look good and also feel like they are on cloud nine when you compliment them. So how can you go about? Men can get quite jealous when they see their crush getting close to another guy.

Same happens with the guy. If he places his hand on the small of your back, if he leans close to you while talking, if he makes an effort to stand close to you then he definitely likes you. Everything from a simple brush of his hand to him leaning closer are all the signs of attraction.

He always tries to look at you Men can't get enough of the women they like. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. He notices slight changes in you A man that likes you will more often than not obsess over everything about you. All you need to do is invite him to run an errand to your parents house or tell him your bestie needs someone to hang out with and ask to tag along with you when you go.

He stalks all your updates on social media. He basically wants to know more about you and also about your love life and interests, you know just the basic research. Men are as equally bothered about their looks as women.

Signs You're More Than Friends

They want to look good and also feel like they are on cloud nine when you compliment them. Well, they did get ready to impress you, your compliment matters a lot. He is just letting you know that you to have a lot in common.

Signs He Cares About You More Than A Friend

He is just hinting it to you as to how fun it would be if you are ever going to spend time with him. It works in your favor because good times are always to be treasured. His heart rate probably spikes up when you smile at him and say hi. I know even as a friend he might be teasing you. But there is a slight difference in him teasing you as a friend and as something more. He will be careful not to hurt your feelings while doing so he would just playfully tease along with riling you up.

He is kind of different around you because he has that peace in his heart. He enjoys your company and being his own self around that comes automatically due to his liking for you. Another thing is he might also be nervous around you.

2. He wants to sit beside you in a group.

Because trust me, him running hands in your hair is a much more intimate act that makes all your insides go havoc. Guys like to mark their possession and that is their way of telling other guys to back off. These are the indications that he might like you very much. When your mind keeps on hinting at you that his behavior is more than friendly and his comfortableness around you makes you question his feelings towards you then probably he does like you.

But if you are still having a hard time figuring it out then you should probably wait Signs He Cares About You More Than A Friend him to be out with it. Now you might be thinking men are so complicated. Of course, the only way to know surely is to ask them or let them confess it to you. How many meal replacement shakes should here have per day?

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The Easiest Way to Tell if a Guy Likes You As More Than a Friend

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