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Media Make Excuses for Bush Sr.'s 'Cop-a-Feel' Assaults

Cop an attitude. What's the meaning of the phrase 'Cop an attitude'?. Adopt an aggressive or antagonistic bearing. What's the origin of the phrase 'Cop an attitude'?. This follows on from previous 'cop' phrases: Copped it - to be caught or be in trouble, recorded from Cop a feel - to fondle sexually, recorded from Synonyms for cop out at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Dictionary and Word of the Day. 4 Nov Five women have accused President George H.W. Bush of grabbing their behinds and making lewd jokes during staged photo ops over the past few years. In each woman's account, the former president said something along the lines of, “Do you know who my favorite magician is? David Cop-a-Feel!.

Be advised this forum is for serious supporters of President Trump. We have discussions, memes, AMAs, and more. We are not politically correct. Please read and respect our rules below before contributing. I'm not a Bush fan, but I'll give him a pass on this one. This is a common problem in old age homes. Senility does not result in lost sex drive. The family needs to stop parading him out in public at this point. Had many friends who have worked in assisted living facilities. Heard story after story of old dudes whipping out their junk in the hallway, and even patients banging it out in rooms.

Shitshow inbound, although I am looking forward to head banging in a wheelchair with my fellow 80's teens. Jim Breuer does a hilarious bit on this very thing. From his serious or not recollection of a slayer concert.

Third woman accuses George HW Bush of groping | Daily Mail Online

Judging by history it honestly could be true, just slightly exaggerated, his impersonation of Malcolm young, or even his Feature with judas click. A bunch of gender fluid Millennials mutually masterbating their federally funded medically altered private parts to furry porn.

I like to think of myself as a pretty regular guy that doesn't whip his dick out in hallways I'm going to be a maniac. Even as it is nursing homes and assisted living facilities are a breeding ground for STDs. They don't have to worry about pregnancy and have nothing but time on their hands. I think promiscuous generations will be bored since they got all the fun out when it was funner to have fun.

Towards the end and one might say the straw that broke the camel's back for my occupation at that company is when he finally cornered me and assaulted me grabbed my breasts and shoved his face into them.

What's the meaning of the phrase 'Cop an attitude'?

Oddly enough it didn't traumatize me; yeah, I was shaken up and yeah, I freaked out and called my husband at the time, but other than that, it just motivated me not work in that field anymore.

Not to downplay sexual assault but I am pretty sure my reaction was because I knew this guy was A. Had he been a competent man, this would have changed things. I guess that's why I kinda think these people are jerks. Getting all worked up about it is like getting mad at a baby for not exhibiting adult behaviors.

I can't tell you the amount of times I've come in and done CPR on a patient while their room mate is working the hog in the same room. Some of the most click here mouthed sexually charged nasties I've ever transported in my life are nuns.

They have a Nursing Home facility in my county so we see transport them. I've gotten quite a few new phrases to use on my friends from these nuns.

Girlfriend used to work as a CNA. She had a couple male patients that were so bad management said for females not to go into their rooms. My grandfather would have spells of dementia in the last 2 years of his life. He died when he was He had caretakers who he'd say dirty What Does It Mean To Cop A Feel to; he'd reach for their boobs a lot. He even did it to my mom a couple of times. Of course, they all realized what was going on.

They didn't take offense. He truly had no clue what he was doing; it was very evident.

For those of you that are going to insinuate that he was playing dumb just to get a free feel, save your words. He was the smartest, most polite, respectful guy I'd ever known in my life. It was upsetting seeing him do these things out of his control. Honestly the older generation didn't really have such a fucking stick up their ass about this sort of stuff either - you could tell a silly joke and then pinch someone or poke someone or tickle someone and it wasn't virtually RAPE.

COP A FEEL - Police Officer Grabs & Strokes Man’s Genitals Thinking It’s A Weapon

That's why they're digging up all of this old-time shit. George Bush told me a joke and pinched my butt! Gotta be the victim in And the media is willing to run a story about a deleted instagram post. No lawsuit, no press conference, no police activity.

Someone said something on instagram, deleted it, and now it's news. I was in a store yesterday and had to get something where I had to get within a yard of someone else.

The last foot was like reaching over cobwebs; you don't know if you might catch your shirt on that annoying mess. These were people that were just joking with me, too. No one threw a fit, nor will they. They do and say things they shouldn't because they mental checks go here balances aren't there anymore. This actress should have handled it privately. Can totally vouch for this as a CNA and nursing student.

What Does It Mean To Cop A Feel

I worked in a longterm care facility for a while and you wouldn't believe how many of the more demented patients would start stripping in the middle of the hallway. For Christ's sake, let's leave this doddering old nonagenarian alone to die in whatever peace he can find amid all he's done and all he knows former CIA and all. Strap his arms down with Velcro ties.

Bush has a favorite magician. The dude can barely move his arms or even talk for that matter. Slim Ferne McCann sports hair rollers to the gym in Essex

It's fucked up that his minders keep letting this happen and then telling everyone to shush up about it. The joke is likely a lame attempt What Does It Mean To Cop A Feel smooth over his lack of muscular control. It's a lame joke and a stupid thing to do, I feel bad if he's genuinely trying to be civil but I think it's in his best interests if he just stops trying to put his arm around people, period.

It's not necessary for a photo shoot. Went to visit my wife's 95 year old grandma over the summer and she is in one of those places. Had some random old lady ask to see my pecker right in front of some other old ppl. Ok, might get downvoted for this, but dude is 93 and has been in a wheelchair for the last five years. Has he done shit I disagreed with? Would I still criticize him for his actions see more office?

Am I going to get my panties in bunch because a 93 year old former president in a wheelchair pats someone's butt and tells a corny "David-cop-a-feel" joke? Does that mean I think him grabbing ass is ok? It just means I'm not going drag him through the mud for it.

This means parents MUST inform the area that a registered sex offender is moving in, and going to whatever school. You laugh, but shit like this does, and has, happened to kindergarten aged children. Can't remember the exact numbers, but there was some 4 or 5 year old boy who was playing doctor with a little girl. Girl's parents flipped a shit and put the kid on the list.

Maybe he should've gotten the weinstein cure instead and take a vacation at a country club for a week. Had something similar happen What Does It Mean To Cop A Feel me in like 3rd grade, given it wasn't as drastic not having to registered as a sex offended or anything like thatbut one of the girls I went to school with would tickle me all the time and one day I returned the favor with one of those little side poke tickles.

Next thing I know I was being berated by my this web page for doing something that had happened to me the entire school year. Whew, good thing there were no such lists when I was a kid. I would've been stuck going door to door notifying my neighbors of my status by age 6. Or, maybe people should lighten the fuck up. I'm not saying we let people finger-fuck women on the subway, but maybe if a male friend pinches our butt once because he told a joke, maybe that isn't virtually rape and maybe we need to take the SJW stick out of our asses as a society and all calm the fuck down a little.

What Does It Mean To Cop A Feel

You think they could have made Blazing Saddles today? Mel Brookes himself said there would be no way they'd allow it in Definitely time to lighten up. I'm a nurse in geriatrics, and had an 87 year old patient pat my butt on more than one occasion. My response was to laugh it off, and not to humiliate an old man and his family. Not only that, but I've had many older folks tell me about how back in the 60s and 70s, at their high schools, they would have things like "lift a skirt day" where the boys would go around with sticks trying to lift the girl's skirts like a game.

You know the swamp creatures are scared when NPR and the old guard republican leadership align. Behind the Scenes How we chose 'feminism'. Florida high school shooter is booked into jail on

That would never fly today. And yeah, no way Blazing Saddles would be made. In fact, a lot of movies would never be made today Howard stern has had quite a few people on his show talk about how they could never do today what they could get away with doing in just the 80s or 90s.

Some of the meds affect neurotransmitters and click can affect sex drive. The issue is not what HW bush did at the end of his life. This is true, my wife's grandma was the nursing home slut before she passed.

The true story is much different from what I have read. He says that to EVERYONE because when he takes a picture and puts his arm around anyone it has to be down around the rump, so his go to joke is the David cop-a-feel joke, its means as a joke so the people will understand he can't help it, put a couple of women don't seem to have much brains. Yea not gonna lie, the thought of a 93 year telling that joke is pretty funny. No cool to harass women but, come on, the scenario is funny.