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Giles Duley: 'To step on a bomb, have your legs blown off and survive is lucky'

3 Nov On 7 February this year, while on patrol with a US Army unit, he stood on a landmine, losing both legs and his left arm. He plans to It was such a shock, like jumping into freezing cold water, when your mind suddenly can't process what's going on. I could have said: "I'm not coming out with you today. The Land Mine Goes "Click! In fiction, however, the squad will hear a tiny "click" as someone steps on the first mine, and we will have a tense moment while their friends try to figure out how to get Which makes sense, if you consider that a pressure-release trigger would be more complicated and more prone to failure. 14 Dec But I would assume there must be something noticeable when you step on one because the purpose of the mine is to make you stop in place. activated an anti -personnel landmine but it has not yet detonated and won't do so until he lifts his foot off the mechanism (I have no idea if such landmines work.

Random Tropes Random Media. Community Showcase Explore More. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. Hundreds of thousands of them lie buried and forgotten around the world. One of the most dangerous and easy to deploy weapons of war, they can effectively deny an area from use for any purpose until they're cleared.

What it’s like to step on a landmine

They were considered so dangerous in World War II that the armies used special tanks equipped with massive rollers and chain whips to detonate them away from the tank's hull and clear a path through the field.

Modern armies deploy everything from explosive counter-charges to remote-controlled robots to deal with the things. Thus, it's no surprise that mines turn up a lot in fiction. With any luck, they will be announced. But there is a major difference. In Real Lifeyou probably won't know somebody stepped on a mine until they blow up.

What To Do If You Step On A Landmine

In fiction, however, the squad will hear a tiny "click" as someone steps on the first mine, and we will have a tense moment while their friends try to figure out how to get the poor guy off of it without killing him.

This usually involves finding a nice big rock to hold the button down while everybody runs for cover. Another variant is to have a redshirta article sourceor an otherwise expendable character step on one and have it detonate immediately, killing them.

This is often followed by the survivors getting down on their hands and knees and carefully making their way out, probing the ground ahead with sticks and knives especially in war stories.

Very occasionally, you'll get both.

This page at TV Tropes examines this myth and cites several uses of it. This film was, incidentally, presented in part as a comedy. On that particular day, I went out on a small patrol. Find all posts by Aud 1. Get Known if you don't have an account.

It'll give an audible warning that it's been triggered, but that's no help to the victim — all he has time for is an Oh, Crap! Many video games feature land mines with serious design problems, so it's quick and easy for a single main character to avoid or disarm them, unlike in real life.

How to Survive a Landmine Field—John Bevere

Such land mines might even feature flashing lights and beep a few seconds before they go off, which rather defeats the purpose. In reality, most personnel mines will go off whether or not you release the button. Which makes sense, if you consider that a pressure-release trigger would be more complicated and more prone to failure.

Also, the only benefit from a mine following this trope is that a group of soldiers are delayed trying to help their friend. If the landmine simply blows the poor guy's leg off, The Squad still has to tend to him, only now the explosion has tipped off any nearby defenders to intruders. That said, if the mine is a Bouncing Bettythe most effective thing to do is dive and duck immediately to receive minimum damage from the shrapnel, as it mainly spreads horizontally.

Also applies to all manner of similar explosive boobytraps involving pressure plates, trip wires and other triggering mechanisms.

What it’s like to step on a landmine - Telegraph

A recent variation is a 'claymore' or directional mine. Rather than just blow up and hope someone's over it, these consist of a mounting plate, the explosive charge, and the soon-to-be shrapnel. The charge is set up so that the explosion fans shrapnel out in an arc in front of the mine, similar to a shotgun blast, rather than a general disorganized kaboom. These are usually set off by wired remote-trigger which really does go 'click' in the hands of someone a safe distance away from the mine - so chances are, surviving the blast still leaves you in a gunfight with whoever just decided to try and blow you up Note that certain kind of land mines are now prohibited by an international treaty signed by many countries, notably not including the USA, Russia, China or India.

The non- Redshirt who hears the click under them will do whatever they can to invoke Where's the Kaboom? Almost never comes up when dealing with a Sea Mine. Macross Zero demonstrates an odd if potentially realistic example. One character steps on a mine, only for career soldier Roy Fokker to notice just in time to tell her not to see more another step.

He then carefully digs away the dirt surrounding the mine and, over the course of several stressful minutes, disarms its detonator. He then proves himself to be a total jerk by pulling his companion into a kiss, to which she freaks out and demands how long the mine's been disarmed. Fumoffu has a prime example of this. In more info Hot Springs Episodewhen Kurz and the guys are trying to get peeks of the naked girls, one of them steps on a landmine planted by Sousuke.

Kurz immediately throws himself to the ground and unearths the mine, and picking up a big rock, tells the would-be victim to slowly shift his foot as he slides the rock on the mine. The procedure is almost finished When our victim sneezes. Naturally, Hilarity Ensues as everyone is sent flying. Once upon a time, a boy named Kuro Hazama and his mother were walking on a beach.

They found a mine, the boy approached it and his mom tried to stop him Hazama died in the hospital, her child survived and became the greatest surgeon in the world, Black Jack. In Black Jack 21, it is revealed this was done intentionally by an evil organization his father was working with. Used humorously in Gintama - the Yorozuya and Shinsengumi team up to capture a panty-thief, bury landmines around the bait Hellsing plays this completely straight, with the Wild Geese surrounding Hellsing Manor with mines to fend off the charging Nazi vampires.

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex pulls this off in one episode. Due to a combination of corruption and ineffectual robbers, Chief Aramaki gets trapped in a hostage situation where the SWAT team would just as soon shoot everyone on sight. Capturing one of the would-be rescuers, he rigs What To Do If You Step On A Landmine fake explosive device and props the unconscious guy on top of a "pressure sensor" to buy some time for escape; the mine is only noticed when they try to move the guy and the SWAT team pauses a while trying to disarm it.

The strategy doesn't buy a lot of time but it does work. He's grievously injured yet lives enough to be taken to a What To Do If You Step On A Landmine home for safety Enough time to re-meet his estranged daughter and then die in her arms Also, a sidenote says that this is how Intrepid Reporter Robert dies in the middle of World War II. It's an Endless World! After a young girl steps on a mine and freezes, officer comments that she's smart, as mines only blow up when you step off.

Then he shoots her in the leg to make her fall. Toyed with in Wolf's Rain. At one point Toboe steps on a land mine, but he doesn't knw what it is, and it's so old and rusted that it doesn't detonate until he's well clear of it. Ice tries to keep him calm and dig it out from under him, but ultimately he's forced to get to cover as the thing goes off, taking Tinny with it.

The Punisher seems to carry a few Claymore mines with him at all times.

Their flawed guidance unfortunately leaves him stranded holding the child with untripped mines six inches from him on all sides, requiring a helicopter to pick them up and lift them directly out of here field even though in real life, this would be inadvisable, as the down pressure from the helicopter may very well set off mines. You need to login to do this. She wrote me a letter for every day that I was unconscious. Backtrack your way out of a mined area.

They come in handy. What does "Front Towards Enemy" mean? Massive explosion that kills most of the sewer-dwelling cannibals that were chasing them Punisher: That's what it means.

What To Do If You Step On A Landmine

Wally deals with the issue of a landmine while in Afghanistan, and later appears to deal with it again in Iraq until it is revealed to actually be a videogame. What To Do If You Step On A Landmine article source incident generated some controversy that later warranted an apology from the creator.

A second example in the comic has Wally step on a Bouncing Betty while trying to take a picture. While he initially yells at Khan to leave without him, Khan stays behind to try to disable the bomb, but finds he can't because the fuse is on the bottom. It's a significant event for the two considering their original meeting years prior had Khan trying to kill Wally.

Lethal Weapon 2 has one such moment, only it's not a land mine, but a toilet mine. Murtaugh sits on his toilet, only to find out the seat's been wired to a bomb that will blow if he gets up. Murtaugh and Riggs survive through the assistance of a Bombproof Appliance in this case, the bathtub. A co-worker of the lead protagonist character, Anthony Franklin Forrest Whitaker hears the click of the trigger for an explosive trap planted by Ryan Gaerity Tommy Lee Jones as he sits down.

Franklin survives, courtesy of a phone call made by using his foot to dial on the telephone that was just beyond his reach.

There's also several other variations on this. In an early scene where the bomb disposal expert is teaching a class, Franklin is being overly cocky, so the instructor tells him to come up to the front of the class to demonstrate how to disarm a Bouncing Betty. As he's walking, he steps on one with a click, and the instructor tells him there's no way of disarming it when it's already active.

Franklin tries away, figures out the explosive payload is just paint, and sets it off by walking away. Later in the film, this becomes relevant when the protagonist, confronting Gaerity, is caught standing on a real Bouncing Betty land mine. He steps off, using the explosion to help him take out Gaerity and getting What To Do If You Step On A Landmine himself. Several men are killed accidentally in the process.

Out of the fourteen, only four survive. The film No Man's Land had a particularly horrific example: It turns out that the enemy soldier is still alive, but unconscious. Eventually, UN forces are more or less browbeaten into coming to help, only to have the munitions expert learn what kind of explosive it What To Do If You Step On A Landmine, and say that he can't disable it.

The browbeating is done by the press, so when they see a person being rapidly stretchered away they are annoyed with the anticlimactic ending and leave, not bothering to take one last look at the site. We more info the wounded soldier left alone on the bomb to either die of his wounds, starve to death, or get up off the bomb and die.

This film was, incidentally, presented in part as a comedy. Bosnians don't mess around with jokes. The movie Behind Enemy Lines has this happen to the colonel who along with a sniper was tasked to find the main character. The sniper notices it, steps past it, and doesn't warn the colonel rivalry in a war zone is a bitch. The colonel steps on it and pleads for help, but the sniper takes a glance, then tells him to remain still and keeps walking. A few seconds later, we hear the boom from the main character's POV.

It was actually the colonel's fault. They knew they were in a minefield, but only the sniper was actually paying attention to where he was walking. In Beyond Bordersthere's a minor character who lost his leg to a landmine.