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He Says He Cares About You But It Doesn't Feel Like It

10 Signs He Deeply Cares About You

Hello all, I am in love with a lovely guy but I am afraid that my feelings might not be reciprocated. We have talked about it already but things don't get cleared up for some reason. He says that he. 20 Mar always have the best time. Recently he told me he really likes me and caress for me deeply. I like him too and eventually one day would love to be more but I feel like him saying that makes me feel like we're just friends? What does that mean when a guy says he really like you and cares for you deeply?. 7 Mar For instance, he or she might be happily married to your best friend, or they might simply be too young, or old, for you. Nonetheless, you could experience an acute need to at least let the other person know how deeply you care about them— even as you realize that a loving relationship won't, or can't, ever.

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We have talked about it already but things don't get cleared up for some reason. He says that "he cares for me deeply". What does he mean by that? I know he's the one to ask but He also says that he has feelings for me but that he does not know what they are What do you think? Sounds like a he's just a friend, right? I don't like to say that you are being strung along, but is sounds like you are good company until MRS.

Perhaps this is what he's saying. Sounds like it too me. Does not mean he will, or he won't possibly in the future.

Oh, one more piece of information. Close this popup and browse for 2 minutes. He doesn't love you nor does he see potential for it. Nothing is likely to give you sweeter dreams or get you ready for the day ahead. He "cares" about you.

But he isnt ready right now. Sit article source and be patient or your going to scare him off. It could mean he's still trying to get his head around the "omelet" thing and is trying to figure out where you fit into each other's life. From the Guys-to-English dictionary, edition You need to talk more and sort it out.

I am pretty confused here. I nee d to wake up I think!!!!! Http:// confusing - better to describe intensity of emotion than to give it a name and be misunderstood.

So, maybe he's trying to be precise; maybe he's trying to be evasive or manipulate. There are many of us that have been hurt or damaged in the love area, to the point that we have shut that down, walled it up, bricked it, jailed it, and lost the key.

It means that we are still in the long term process of being in love once again, and it will take time and effort to get us there. Loving someone, or caring for them is much different than being in love with someone and how that affects your heart.

Attraction, chemistry, and compatibility may exist, and all that flows with that will be there, just not the "in love" part that some demand in order to stay and enjoy that person. My guess OP, is that this is where that man is at, and he can think of you as much more than just a friend, enjoy your body and your mind, care about you deeply and significantly, but still not be in love with you.

The question then becomes, what are you willing to accept and do about it? Can you stay with someone that makes you feel awesome, and that you enjoy tremendously, even love, but is not in love with you?

If all the other parts of this man and your relationship is all you want read more can ask for, are you willing When A Man Says He Cares Deeply For You wanting to click it because he can not feel the way you do, but still wants to be with you? Damage control when it comes click love and the heart is as complicated as what caused the damage in the first place.

May I suggest lots of communication, maybe even counseling, and just let life takes is course, and enjoy the one you are with, for as long as you can. Kind of like saying "I care deeply for you and don't want to hurt you". Of course, that's just an opinion. The best thing to do would be to ask him, just say there's something on your mind you'd like to discuss. It's something you When A Man Says He Cares Deeply For You at first Sounds to me like he thinks of you as a friend, but doesn't want to hurt your feelings by saying nothing when you say "I love you".

But we're getting divorced so who knows eh? And you're already in love after being here less than two weeks? Maybe the guy should be scared. Could be he's scared. Could be he's shy. Could be that he just hasn't felt the spark yet. Whatever the case, no, it doesn't sound reciprocal, and you've got to decide what that means for you.

It takes a while, as you might know.

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Many people lie on there anyway At least, I don't What does "I care deeply for you" mean? Page 1 of 1.

When A Man Says He Cares Deeply For You

Hello all, I am in love with a lovely guy but I am afraid that my feelings might not be reciprocated. What does I care deeply for you mean? Well if I said that to someone then I'd mean I care about you but don't want a relationship from you. He likes ya but isnt ready to say the "L" word. Sounds like he is afraid of getting hurt here he doesnt want to ruin your friendship by risking more.

When A Man Says He Cares Deeply For You

Thanks all for your feedback. Well, are you Bangin him or not? One can care about another, be very attracted to them, enjoy them, respect them, and want them to be around I think that maybe he really likes you as a friend but doesn't want to take it any further. He doesn't love you nor does he see potential for it. It all depends on whether you're link with him. I have to here though, if you are sleeping with him, I just don't understand the inability to communicate feelings.

Sounds like a BS cop out to me yet, there seems to be a never ending supply of women who put up with it. Why are women willing to commit the most intimate of acts with someone who they can't even get a straight answer from??

Wait a minute, I just read your profile. You're still married, advertising yourself as seeking men for LTR, and you have the nerve to come on an open forum and profess your love for some guy!? The logic behind their actions completely escapes me.

After all, there are literally s of feelings that, supposedly, this statement might allude to. Consider this posting on wrongplanet. Certainly, feelings like this can morph into something more impassioned—but not necessarily. He says that "he cares for me deeply". Whether or not it's acceptable to the other person is something else.

Suddenly, the ridiculousness of the post makes total sense I slept with him once. And you're in love with him? What a mangled, tangled, and confusing web you weave.

Boyfriend Says He Cares About You But Wants His Space

So, why are you here? Seriously, for the life of me, I don't understand your purpose or objective here. Sounds like he's just not ready to string together those three words yet. I am in the process of getting divorced. Navigator6, I am not asking you to comment on my private life or my profile. Well, I'm sorry you feel that way. However, all of these "private" things are relative to the subject of your thread.

You can't give limited, one sided information and expect to get quality input. Further, nothing I posted about was "private". I'm 45 minutes away from you in PA and my divorce took 3 months consensual no-fault. The only way it would take longer 2 years is if it was a non-consensual divorce. Meaning that one party doesn't want the divorce. If that's the way that yours is going and your husband is the one who doesn't want the divorce, that just adds more drama to the whole situation - drama that someone new is going to get dragged into.

Again, I have to wonder why you're on POF, looking for men, but professing your love and physical intimacy with one already? Lying by omission is still lying. You do know that your forum posts are visible at the bottom of your profile, right? You are asking for comment on your personal life.